Gridiron-WestGridiron was first played in Western Australia after a recruiting effort was organised in 1988. This also sparked interest in the local area leading to the formation of the Western Australian Gridiron Football League (WAGFL).

WAGFL 1988-1997

Originally meant to only consist of two teams, the Northside Chargers and the Southside Seahawks, there was enough interest to start the league with 3 teams as the Bassendean Broncos (now Perth Broncos) team was formed as well.

The first organised Gridiron game to be played in Western Australia took place between the Southside Seahawks and Bassendean Broncos at Jubilee Oval in September 1988. The final score of the game was 2-0 in favour of the Broncos, the only score being on a safety.

After a brief 3 team season in 1988 WAGFL kick started again in February 1989 with a 4th team, the Claremont Jets, being added to the league.

WAGFL would also later include teams such as the Mount Lawley Bengals, Forrestfield Falcons, East Perth Vikings, West Coast Buccaneers, Westside Steelers, Wanneroo/Joondalup Bears and the Hyde Park Giants.

Separation Of Gridiron in WA

In 1994 a second league was formed leaving two separate four-team leagues running.

WAGFL remaining teams at this point

  • Claremont Jets
  • Mount Lawley Bengals
  • Westside Steelers
  • Southside Seahawks

Gridiron West 1994-Current

Gridiron West was formed as a breakaway competition in 1994, which is also a current member of Gridiron Australia.

Original Gridiron West Teams

  • Bassendean/Perth Broncos
  • Hyde Park Giants
  • Curtin Saints
  • Wanneroo/Joondalup Bears
  • Rockingham Dolphins

Gridiron West later included the Southern River/Armadale Panthers, Bunbury Raiders and the West Coast Buccaneers.

Due to the WAGFL folding in 1996, the Claremont Jets and Westside Steelers joined Gridiron West, with the Rockingham Dolphins merging with the Southside Seahawks to become the Rockingham Vipers and Gridiron West is now WA’s only Gridiron league.

Three further teams have since joined Gridiron West, those being Perth Blitz (renaming of Hyde Park Giants), The West Coast Fire (now defunct) and the West Coast Wolverines(based in Joondalup).