Support the Australian Outback Women’s National Team

The Australian Outback National Women’s Gridiron Team will be competing for the very first time in the IFAF Women’s World Championship of American Football which will be held in Langley, British Columbia from the 24-30 June 2017!

This is a historic event for the sport of Gridiron in Australia – the FIRST EVER Australian Outback Women’s National Gridiron Team to compete on the world stage!  American Football in this country is a minority sport and the sport for Australian women, is very young with the first clubs commencing only around 7 years ago – funding is very scarce.  All of the travel squad including players, coaches and support staff will pay their own way to attend the preparation camp and tournament – this will cost thousands!

Much needed funds are required to assist the team and any media exposure, donations or sponsorship would be gratefully appreciated.  In turn, we would certainly ensure that the Australian Outback National Team and Gridiron Australia Social Media accounts and Websites give thanks and visibility to any company or person who has supported us.



If you wish to support SA, NSW, WA or ACT please go to the individual players account.


Applications for Head Coach Women’s Australian National Representative Team

womens world championshipGridiron Australia is calling for applications from suitably qualified coaches who are interested in becoming part of the Women’s Australian National Representative Team which will be looking to compete in the 2017 IFAF Women’s World Championship. Applicants are being sought for Head Coach, Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Coordinators and Positional Coaches.

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IFAF Women’s World Championship 2013 Application Procedure

After mutually agreeing with Football Canada on cancelling the plans to host the event in Canada, IFAF is reopening the application process to host and organize the

2nd IFAF Women’s World Championship 2013

Application deadlines:

  • August 15, 2012: Formal application together with an application fee of 500 Euros

Application Content

Applications must include a minimum of the following points:

  1. Application letter indicating which tournament applicant wishes to host
  2. Application fee of 500 Euros
  3. Signed hosting contract
  4. Hosting concept
  5. Host city and international airport
  6. Game venues
  7. Practise venues
  8. Accommodation
  9. Meals
  10. Local transportation plan
  11. Host Broadcaster (*)
  12. Environmental plan
  13. Budget
  14. Hosting concept of IFAF Congress

(*) All games must be produced at a minimum through an internet feed.

Applications may not include personal benefits to IFAF executives or other promises not directly involving the competition in question.

Minimum Hosting Requirements

Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will provide the following:

  1. Residence and lodging for the (45 players + 15 coaches/staff) for the participating
  2. Federations/Associations for the time of their stay in the hosting country starting with the evening of the day of arrival and ending with breakfast on the day of departure.
  3. Bus transportation to and from the nearest international airport to the hosting city, Bus transportation to and from the hotel to game venues.
  4. Organization of the stadium.
  5. Advertising and public relations.
  6. Residence and lodging for referees (no per diem).
  7. VIP-hospitality.
  8. Pay a sanction fee to IFAF of 5,000 Euros (minimum).
  9. Conference room for 2-3 days for IFAF Congress including lunch.
  10. IFAF Congress Dinner.
  11. Airport pick-up service for IFAF member federation representatives.

In return the host receives all income from ticket sales, local sponsorship revenue, catering and marketing according to the IFAF regulations.

There remains the option to charge accommodation costs to the participants.

The IFAF Executive Committee expects to have a tournament based on minimum of six (6) teams.

The decision on the hosting country will be taken by the IFAF Executive Board of Directors latest in September 2012.

Special financial policy for Women’s Tournaments

At the first edition of the Women’s World Championship the participating teams paid their own accommodation costs. IFAF will still accept valid applications, which include this policy, but prefer applicants to offer to pay for the accommodation of the participants.

Remark on the deposit

The deposit will be kept by IFAF as application fee. The applicant can use in the application phase the wording: “Official applicant city of IFAF Women’s World Championship 2013”.

Remark on the sanction fee

The sanction fee has to be paid for the right to host and organize the tournament. The sanction fee is a separate fee from application fee.

Attachment:  Women’s World Championship 2013 Reopening Applications