HUDL for GA Member Coaches

Gridiron Australia is happy to announce the purchase of a HUDL Account for the sole development of Gridiron Australia Member Coaches. The account is titled Gridiron Australia Coaches Development. All member coaches of Gridiron Australia will gain Automatic membership to this Hudl account and they will be able to log in and watch coaching Lectures as well as on field demonstrations teaching Techniques and scheme.

The account will also be used to roll out Gridiron Australia combine Testing so that all states will be able to measure their athletes in a consistent format.

National Coaching Director, Paul Manera, is excited by this initiative. “It is a resource that Club, State and National Coaches will have access to”.

Hudl has traditionally been a tool that has been utilised to analyze game film but now it is also a leading tool to help Gridiron Australia in developing their coaches.