Gridiron Victoria to join Gridiron Australia board with Observer status

Gridiron Australia and Gridiron Victoria have come to an agreement allowing GV to appoint an Observer to the GA board.  GV have nominated Mark Levin to take up this position.

This agreement does not amount to a return to full membership of GA by GV, but is a preparatory step for what is hoped to be a full return.  There are still several issues that need to be resolved between GA and GV before full membership, and it is planned that this arrangement will assist in this process.

GV will be an observer in board activities and participate in the planning of the 2017 GA budget.  It is our optimistic intention that agreement will be reached and GV return to full membership at the start of 2017, including participating in the Junior Nationals in QLD in April.  However, even if agreement is not reach by then both sides are committed to continuing discussions and enabling an eventual return to full membership by GV.

The boards of both GA and GV ask members on both sides to cease the negative comments and instead work constructively as we all attempt to advance the sport throughout the country.  Should members or other interested parties of either side have concerns, please speak with your local representative for clarification as the first step.