Gridiron Tasmania (GT) Officially Join Forces With Gridiron Australia

Gridiron TasmaniaIn a huge development for the sport of gridiron in Australia, Tasmania have now officially become an affiliate member of Gridiron Australia. The application was well received by the new GA Board, headed by new GA Chairman and former GNSW president, Darrin Mitchell at the GA Annual General Meeting this weekend.

Mitchell who has been a stalwart for the sport in NSW stepped into the chairman role this week, had this to say regarding GT’s nomination and acceptance. “The Board of Gridiron Australia were happy to receive and approve the application from the Executive of Gridiron Tasmania for affiliation with Gridiron Australia”, explained Mitchell. “It is important that Gridiron Australia invest in the development of the sport in all regions of the country, and the achievements to date and the enthusiasm displayed by the Gridiron Tasmania representatives resulted in the unanimous approval of the affiliation request. We are proud to welcome Gridiron Tasmania to the Gridiron Australia family”.

Gridiron Tasmania due to the tireless and effective work by a sold brigade of volunteers on the apple Isle look to kick off their inaugural season this year, and the eyes of the gridiron nation will be watching with keen interest and support of our new member.

Excited by the news is GT president Matt Cameron who stated, “we (GT) have been working pretty hard down there for the last 8 months, gaining national recognition is a pretty big step in our progress, we still have a long way to go, but we are looking forward to October 18 and the commencement of our inaugural season”, said Cameron. “We look forward to seeing the game grow in Tasmania and across the country”.

We at GA, along with rest of the country wish GT all the best for their upcoming historic season and look forward to being a part of the development of the sport long into the future.