IFAF letter of support for the 2013 Junior National Championships

Dear Australian Gridiron players,

The International Federation of American Football would like to wish you good luck as  you take part in the 2013 Australian Junior Nationals.

IFAF is charged with overseeing and aiding the development of our sport around the world and one of the key elements to the international success of Gridiron is youth participation. By taking part in this important and prestigious event, you are yourselves contributing to the growth of this great game.

Gridiron is played on five continents and in 64 countries, and we aim to increase that  number in the coming years. Last month we received interest from Tonga, Philippines and Egypt to become members of IFAF.

By playing the sport in your teenage years and beyond, you will become role models to  the next generation of players, fans, officials and volunteers in your country, who will in turn help the sport to grow. IFAF is encouraged by your passion for Gridiron.

Rest assured that the event you are participating in this month will be followed around the world with great interest. Through the international media, communication with our  member federations and through fans who visit our www.IFAF.org website to discover what is new on the international stage of American football, IFAF will spread the word of the games played in Australia.

On behalf of IFAF, I wish you great success and above all else, hope that you continue  to enjoy playing and watching the sport of Gridiron.

Yours sincerely,

Tommy Wiking
IFAF President

Attachment:  IFAF Support for 2013 Junior Championships.pdf