Notice to all GA members: 2012 AGM

Gridiron Australia (GA) held its Annual General Meeting and subsequent six monthly board meeting on the weekend of 4th-6th May in Sydney. All affiliated bodies were represented at these meetings. I have been elected as your Chairman replacing Mike Ryan who recently resigned his position after 11 years of strong service to the sport. Mike has accepted a position in a Commissioner role for GA to continue his work on international relations for our sport through IFAF and OFAF. Mike will report directly to myself and the Board on issues affecting our sport with these governing bodies and will also forge beneficial alliances with other international organisations involved in our game.

I would personally like to thank and acknowledge Mike for his wonderful contribution to our game. In Mike’s time in the sport we have managed to establish and maintain a strong governing national body, GA has participated in World Cup events, held strong National Championships (including progressing to new fly in/fly out format), established a National Coaching Director role, formalised National coaching appointments and we have seen the game grow in junior development. These and countless other achievements place our game in a stronger position today then when Mike took the helm all those years ago.

While Mike has set high standards for our game I hope to take our game to the next level with the support of the new Board and all our GA’s members.

The newly elected GA Board is:

  • David Sedgwick – Chairman
  • Chris Josey – Secretary – Queensland
  • Tony Martin – AGOA
  • Darrin Mitchell – New South Wales
  • Layke Rossiello – Victoria
  • Gordon Tuft – South Australia
  • Cheryl Bollard – Australian Capital Territory
  • Wayne Dropulich – Western Australia

This group is resolved to making certain Gridiron Australia an organisation setting clear strategic direction, displaying transparent decision making and providing strong leadership and management to our game.

This Board has already spent a great deal of time building a basis for our strategic plan for the game in Australia. The Gridiron Australia Strategic Plan will be finalised in the coming months and released for all our members to view the future direction of our sport. In the interim I can provide you with a summary of the nine key areas the Board has set as priorities of focus with a few brief words of explanation for each.

These are:

On-field Priorities

  • Successful Senior and Junior National Championships (with 6 States participating)
  • Healthy Juniors program – this includes expanding junior programs across the country
  • International competitiveness – strengthening junior and senior National team programs

Off-field Priorities

  • Financial viability – financial sustainability and growth for our sport
  • Well-regarded brand/high profile – within our own membership and the wider community
  • Developed and published policies and procedures – policies update or developed as required and published on the GA website for all to view.

Resource Development

  • Coaches – establish coaching pathway for sport (addressing training materials and opportunities for coaches to learn) and increasing coaching numbers
  • Officials – growing Officials numbers
  • Club development (including administration and volunteers) – strengthening our Clubs through local and National programs.

It is worth noting that while these items are forming the basis for our strategic plan they are not precluding the Board from addressing other areas of GA’s business. As such each member of the Board will take responsibility for divisions of GA. These details are being finalised at the moment and we are hoping to release details in June 2012.

For now please also find a short profile on each of your new Board members outlining their history with our game and any other expertise they bring to the sport.

Please continue to visit this website for more details on the changes that will be occurring in our game. I would also urge you to encourage others to visit here also.

Thank you.

David Sedgwick